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JW Rhodes is the founder of B.E.E.M. Building Entrepreneurs with Elite Marketing , which provides one on one consultation, web-conferencing coaching and training of On-Line Marketing Strategies,  to help businesses brand themselves & receive more traffic to there businesses that are both online & off line. Being in Network Marketers for over 15yrs. JW knows from personal experience what it feels like to Struggle in business, networking & Internet Marketing, thus gives ongoing training to those in that genre.  



 Here at BEEM, visitors can  have a monthly subscription of exclusive on-line strategies and tactics, through audios, videos, articles, webinars, tele-seminars, and group coaching, etc. provided by Coach Rhodes.


 What he discovered is a way through toiling a way that either the Networker/ Direct Sales person or the Internet Marketer can capture leads & help covert those leads to support one's ongoing business.  He believes that both on & off line strategies work but combines both strategies to meet the needs and personalities of his mentees, team members & business partners.  He helps also traditional businesses to obtain leverage by using cutting edge online techniques such as social media, seo, video marketing strategies, etc.  using the following system:  http://www.pureleverage.com/jwrent/

 His uses these same strategies to attract leads for success.  


another marketing systems:

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